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Bapscarcare Gel 15g/Box

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Product Description

Purchased products are not returnable. (ဝယ်ယူပြီးပစ္စည်းများအားပြန်ပြီးလဲလှယ်ခွင့်မပြုပါ။)

BAPSCARCARE gel is a new generation of silicone gel for scar treatment enriched with vitamin E. The silicone gel is quick-drying, non-greasy and non-sticky, invisible and easy to apply in a single movement. BAPSCARCARE feels soft and silky and can be applied anywhere on the skin. BAPSCARCARE is suitable for treating scars on the face and neck, joints and skin folds. BAPSCARCARE gel is available in a 15 g tube.

Composition: Polysiloxanes, vitamin E


BAPSCARCARE T silicone dressings can be used on both old and new scars:
- Treatment and prevention of abnormal scars (hypertrophic and keloid)
- Treatment of burn scars
- Treatment of surgical scars
- Persistent functional complaints (persistent redness, pulling, itching, restricted mobility at joints, discomfort and cosmetic complaints)

How to use:

Before use, clean and dry the skin. Unscrew the cap and remove the foil across the top of the tube. Apply the gel thinly in one movement: do not rub in After use, replace the cap on the tube. The recommended application is twice daily, morning and evening. The gel is for external use only. Once the gel has dried, cosmetics can be applied over it.

Purchased products are not returnable. (ဝယ်ယူပြီးပစ္စည်းများအားပြန်ပြီးလဲလှယ်ခွင့်မပြုပါ။)