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Bapscarcare S 5x20cm

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Product Description

 BAPSCARCARE S is a range of silicone dressings for the treatment of both old and new scars and more extensive scars. Because of its flexibility, the BAPSCARCARE S self-adhesive dressing stays in place on any part of the body. BAPSCARCARE S is washable and can be used under clothing and with compression therapy. Composition: Polyurethane film / medical silicone gel Indications/uses: BAPSCARCARE S silicone dressings can be used on both old and new scars:

- Treatment and prevention of abnormal scars (hypertrophic and keloid)
- Treatment of burn scars
- Treatment of surgical scars
- Persistent functional complaints (persistent redness, pulling, itching, restricted mobility at joints, discomfort and cosmetic complaints)

How to use:
Building up the treatment
We recommend building up the use of the treatment to 24 hours a day during the first week to allow the skin to get used to the treatment gradually. For the best possible result, the silicone dressing should be worn for as long as possible each day.

Before use
Clean and dry the skin and around the scar thoroughly. Remove the product from the pack. If necessary, the silicone dressing can be cut to size. Make sure the dressing covers the entire scar and approx. 2 cm of the healthy skin around the scar. Hair removal around the scar prior the application increases the adhesion and the durability of the silicone dressing.

Remove the first part of the protective film on the silicone dressing and apply the self-adhesive silicone dressing carefully to the beginning of the scar.
Remove the second part of the protective film and apply the next part of the silicone dressing to the scar. Depending on the size of the dressing, repeat the above until the entire dressing has been applied. If necessary, BAPSCARCARE S can be secured with a fixation- or stretch bandage.

- Should the dressing loses its adhesion, it can easily be washed with a neutral soap/lotion
- After cleaning, rinse the dressing thoroughly using lukewarm, running water
- The adhesive properties will further decrease once the dressing comes in contact with water
- Leave the dressing to dry on a smooth surface, adhesive side up
- During the drying process, the dressing’s adhesive properties will gradually return
- Use the dressing again after it has dried completely

Purchased products are not returnable. (ဝယ်ယူပြီးပစ္စည်းများအားပြန်ပြီးလဲလှယ်ခွင့်မပြုပါ။)