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CIAO Churu Tuna and Luxurious Salmon

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18,500 Ks
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Product Description

A liquid-type snack with a luxurious tuna and salmon flavor. This snack can be consumed by licking so is easy to eat for kittens and older cats.
Contents: 14g x 4
Materials/Ingredients: tuna, salmon, salmon extract, protein hydrolysate, sweeteners (oligosaccharide etc.), vegetable oil, thickener (modified starch), minerals, polysaccharide thickener, seasonings (such as amino acids), vitamin E, red rice koji pigment, green tea extract
Size: 21cm x 2cm x 11cm
Weight (item only) [g]: 70g
Country Of Manufacture: Japan
Manufacturer Name: Inaba
Nutritional Information: Calories: 7kcal per packet
・Crude Protein 7.0% or more
・Crude Fat 0.2% or more
・Crude Fiber 0.1% or less
・Crude Ash 1.5% or less
・Moisture Content 91.0% or less

Handling Precautions:
・Expiration Date: 2 years after date of manufacture
・This item is for mature cats. Do not give to cats outside of this intended age range.
・Should there be any leftovers, put in a glass container etc., keep in the refrigerator and use as soon as possible.