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Ciao Churu Tuna and Rich Lobster

Original price 18,500 Ks - Original price 18,500 Ks
Original price
18,500 Ks
18,500 Ks - 18,500 Ks
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Product Description

- Can add to kibble as a liquid supplement or feed directly from tube, adding extra flavor to your cat's food, its high water content can effectively replenish body fluid.
- Green tea extract is added to help reduce the peculiar smell of cat feces.

Tuna, American lobster, Shrimp extract, Hydrolyzed protein, Sugar (Oligosaccharides etc.), Vegetable oil, Thickener (Processed starch), Minerals, Polysaccharide thickener, Flavorings (Amino acids etc.), Vitamin E, Red yeast rice coloring, Green tea extract