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Hotei Foods Yakitori Grilled Chicken

Original price 12,950 Ks - Original price 12,950 Ks
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12,950 Ks
12,950 Ks - 12,950 Ks
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Product Description

Yakitori, which is made by grilling domestic chicken over charcoal and finished with soy sauce, and two fried meatballs are combined into one can. Scorched soy sauce was added to the sauce to enhance the aroma and make the taste of sake even more advanced. In addition, Tsukune increases the amount of meat 1.4 times to reduce the number of joints, and adds onions to bring out the natural sweetness. The chicken is coarsely ground to improve the texture, and the deliciousness of the meat spreads with each bite. Once fried, the surface is crispy coated to trap the umami, and the rich and fragrant taste and elastic texture are finished.