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iLiR Gel Cleanser

Original price 52,400 Ks - Original price 52,400 Ks
Original price
52,400 Ks
52,400 Ks - 52,400 Ks
Current price 52,400 Ks

Decomposes dirt and keratin in Pores
Clean with the power of water
Pures stains that you really care about. The patented high-reduction water cleanly washes away all the Dress your skin has received. Adsorbs dirt and melts and removes from surface makeup to Pores sebum clogging.
It does not contain any preservatives (parabens), so it is gentle on the skin and does not have a burden. In addition, the moisturizing ingredients prevent a feeling of firmness, and the fragrance of natural grapefruit heals the skin.

Cleansing Washing Pack is dropped with the power of high reduced water.
High reduced water is ultra-alkaline ionized water created by state-of-the-art water electrolysis equipment.This alkaline ionized water has high ionic activity and excellent cleaning power to decompose proteins and lipids.Therefore, it is possible to remove dirt firmly without adding force.It has amazing cleaning power and is used in various situations such as medical institutions and industries.Since the main ingredient is water, petroleum surfactants, preservatives, oils, colorings, and animal raw materials are not included at all.