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iLiR Gel Moisturizer

Original price 61,600 Ks - Original price 61,600 Ks
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61,600 Ks
61,600 Ks - 61,600 Ks
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A moisturizing cream that can be used through the whole body
All In One gel cream for the whole body. It can be used by the whole family, such as moisturizing the body after bathing, caring for hair, caring for men after shaving, moisturizing children's skin, etc.

Gel moisturizer is a cream recommended for those who are worried about their skin, such as sun damage, drying by air conditioner, changes from age, etc.
Because the penetration power is high and the elongation is good, the moist feeling continues until the next morning even in a small amount of pearl grain size.With the power and beauty ingredients of special water called "high oxidized water", it leads to healthy skin as you continue to use it.Preservatives and alcohol-proof. Because it is coloring-free, fragrance-free, and mineral-free oil, you can use it with confidence.