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Scarban LIGHT 5x7.5cm

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Product Description

Scarban® is recommended for the treatment of new and existing keloid and hypertrofic scars.

How to use:

Cut the Scarban silicone bandage to the desired shape and size. Cut in rounded shape without corners (fig 1).

The best result is obtained when the scar is completely covered, and the bandage overlaps the health skin by about 2cm. Clean the scar and the skin well, making sure they are dry and free of oils (fig.2).

Pull off the protective foil from the Scarban silicone bandage (fig.3).

Place the self-adhesive side of the Scarban silicone bandage on the scar (fig.4).

Apply the bandage gradually as shown in the picture. You can secure the Scarban silicone bandage more firmly with adhesive tape or an elastic bandage (fig.5).

When removing the Scarban silicone bandage from the skin, be careful not to remove the silicone bandage from the same place every time. After removing the Scarban silicone bandage, you can rub the covered surface of the skin with a hydrating cream. Maintaining the Scarban silicone bandage: Rub a few drops of Scarban Silicone Cleaning Soap into the silicone bandage (fig.6).

The adhesive strength wears off after contact with the Cleaning Soap or water. Rub off all dirt as much as possible. Then rinse thoroughly under warm, running water (fig.7).

The silicone bandage curls up in contact with water (fig.8).

To fry it, lay the (curled up) silicone bandage on a dry tea-towel with the adhesive side face up. When it has dried completely, the silicone bandage uncurls by itself and the adhesive strength returns. Use the silicone bandage only when it is completely dry.

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