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Product Description

Pull the string on the back to create a sharp constriction on the waist.

  • Easy to put on and take off by using a zipper .
  • As a body shape correction when wearing tight clothes.
  • To prevent back pain during standing work.

Easy-well bends because the bones also be reduced around to the pelvis

For-front center length is in length to fit the Japanese, crouching also sitting there individual differences ※ hard sticks also around the waist to the fixed posture correction to.

Product Specifications

Coil bone 18 bottles, Plates bone 6 bottles, Front center zipper

Precautions when wearing

  • Do not overtighten 
  • If you feel any pain when wearing, loosen the string
  • Long Please avoid wearing at bedtime and time specifications.
  • Wash lightly by hand. Wash with a towel, etc., then shape and dry in the shade.
  • When removing the corset, loosen the back strap. Please remove the zip from the zip.
  • When putting on and taking off, be careful not to bite your clothes or patch with the zip.