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Super Ari no Su Korori Ant Repellent

Original price 18,500 Ks - Original price 18,500 Ks
Original price
18,500 Ks
18,500 Ks - 18,500 Ks
Current price 18,500 Ks

Product Description

Super Ant's Nest Korori  is an ant-attracting insecticide that can be easily installed by simply pulling out and placing the sticker. Ants are strongly attracted by two types of poison bait, jelly and granules, which have a further improved attracting effect by blending black honey ingredients. Installed in places where ants are  likely to pass. Attract them to bring the poison bait granules back to the nest and annihilate the entire nest. Contains an accidental ingestion preventive agent to prevent accidental ingestion by children and pets.